Accent Collective: SOUND PRISM

Over the Summer term I worked with students on the Accent Collective programme at The Conservatoire to create SOUND PRISM, a site-specific promenade-style performance in The Conservatoire’s music building.

The Accent Collective was created in 2014 to support and challenge The Conservatoire’s most talented music students. Having been invited to create and direct the programme, I devised a year-long programme of performances, projects and masterclasses with the aim of encouraging creativity and artistic development, with students taking an active role in shaping a range of projects.

SOUND PRISM is the final performance project by the 2014-2015 Accent Collective. The project was inspired by the eclectic mix of instruments and repertoire that has characterised the ensemble this year, and by the groups collective interest in exploring unusual performance settings. Just like a prism fractures light into its composite colours, SOUND PRISM fractures the traditional concert format, with performances taking place in unique settings across The Conservatoire. SOUND PRISM featured performances on flute, harpsichord, violin, recorder, voice and piano, as well as compositions and improvisations by students in the collective.

Listen to the the soundscape that formed part of the performance here: